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Marouane Mahroug: Safeguarding Our Artisanal Crafts

07 April 2015

Safeguarding Our Artisanal Crafts

In Tunisia, each year on16th March we celebrate the National Day of Traditional Tunisian Clothing. But, it's also important to have a look on one of the crafts that contributes to the celebration of this day. The weaving in Djerba is an ancestral and traditional craft ornamenting the field of traditional Djerbian craftsmanship. With patience and talent, the weaver interweaves a beautiful cloth that the Djerbian women proudly put on especially during weddings and celebrations.

"Beskri" is one of the famous Djerbian woven fabric, it's a highly decorated cloth revealing the skillfulness of the weaver from one part and the richness of traditional Djerbian clothes from another. It is said that the decoration included in each particular traditional cloth depends on the number of pedals in the machine. A cohesive and homogenous play between the weaver's hands and feet gives birth to a charming and stunning traditional garment. If we are to preserve our traditional Tunisian clothes, it is of the utmost importance as well to safeguard the weaving as a traditional craft...


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