A Preview of Djerba Insolite Association

19 February 2015

The island of Djerba is well known for its wonderful landscapes, it is located in the eastern south of Tunisia with a surface of 500 square kilometers and 150 km as a coast line. 
Regarding its particular and strategic location in the Mediterranean, this island had been a destination of several great civilizations of antiquity. As a result, its past and heritage become highly enriched. 
The myriad of its historic monuments: fortresses, mosques, synagogues, caravansaries (well known as Fondouks), churches, palaces, ancient Houchs (typical Djerbian houses), and Hanouts (specific Djerbian workshops) remain a genuine eyewitness of the island's great history. 
Before being an association, Djerba Insolite is first of all a concept adopted by a group of graduate and young volunteers who share an infinite love of their island, they consider it as a particular place in the world that assembles various natural geographical and cultural criteria that can make it a specific destination of cultural tourism in the world.
We work for the inclusion of these peculiarities in our way of exhibiting both the material and immaterial heritage to the visitors as well as the inhabitants of the island themselves. From this vision comes the idea of moving from a group of passionate volunteers to an association which has as aim the advocacy of alternative tourism.
Today, with a number of volunteers who join us each day, we become much more ambitious and determined to achieve this target. 
We believe that the people who don't know their past and history cannot build their future. Come and share with us this passion, unveil the secrets of an eternal past and contribute to the preservation of the common and collective memory of our people.

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